Sunday, May 25, 2008

back to 8 am classes~

Well well, i'm back in Shah Alam, in the com lab since i don't have a laptop rite now.. and supposed to be doin my agama folio... then, i have an exam that i have no idea how im going to sit for.. these next few days are going to be VERY HECTIC! well, it's been a while since ive been in this com lab, and im sure gonna miss it come next month. i could live without my laptop for 6 months after all! the pak cik at the com lab, well he's quite young, 30 sumthin i guess, asked me where i was these past few weeks. owh yeah, im such a regular here that my name is in the log book everyday. its free internet man!!! who can resist free stuff? haha.. plus everyone is in their exam mode, all my a-level friends, good luck guys! you can do it! so the com lab is kinda free, if not you would have to wait and wait for an empty seat as there is no time limit, you can use it as long as you want. so, yeah i use sometimes 2-3 hours...selfish? haha.. kinda.. well, not everyday though... i see no reason.. hurm.. chatting? i see no point in that anymore...ah.. i soo feel like going home! not in the mood to study!!! AS Michael Buble would say, I WANNA GO HOME! focus mizah, you have exams!!!!!! later ~ =)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Americano Idol~

AMERICAN IDOL :SEASON 7 winner is DAVID COOK! well, ARCHULETA didn't win. Oh well, Clay Aiken is still famous isn't he? Archuleta is so adorable!! i love his smile! And i so want to pinch his baby face cheeks...awww.... on the other hand, is COOK, whos voice is sooooooo extremely sexy? is that the right word? anyway, i think he deserved to win. Archuleta doesn't have the versatile singing voice that COOK has.. WATCH THE "ALWAYS BE MY BABY" video on the right side of the page. ------> it is so mesmerizing~!

Gossip Girl XOXO.. i just watched the season finale. and i don't think the ending has the extravagant suspense ending it should have had but all i can say is CHUCK BASS will ALWAYS BE CHUCK BASS! Gossip Girl isn't the most morally liftiting story to watch,but.. you get the picture.. rite?

I'm still waiting to watch the finale of One Tree Hill, little Jamie is so adorable! As for Peyton, hang in there girl~! and Nathan, you are HOT!! as always.. hahaha =)

waiting for ......

Why wait for something thats uncertain?
Why wait for something that doesn't exist?
If waiting causes pain,
and pain causes heartbreak, 
so why wait?

HEY HEY folks,  this is just something i wrote when i was bored in one of my lectures.. (ooops...). You know when people say they'll wait forever, be it one thousand years( yeah rite!), do they really mean it or is it just something thats so relevant at that moment in time? and then there's this other quote, i can't really remember the exact phrase but it goes something like this..."If you love someone, let her/him go, if she/he comes back to you, it was just meant to be". I told this to my best friend once. But somehow it so contradicts with this other phrase or quote, " If you love someone, hold him tight and never let him go"? ah, mixed feelings.. let me tell you a lil story.

Nope, it's not about me. I coincidentally heard it on the radio one day and i think it's kinda relevant. Anyway, it was one of those shows where you get to ask the person you like/love out on date because your too shy to do it yourself.And the guy is like in love with this gal, he met during his schooling years. They went to college together and all. But one day the gal had to continue her studies in Australia and so she had feelings for the guy too and she somewhat promised him that they would take their relationship to the next level when she came back. So, they guy waits and waits and waits..for something very uncertain..and of course, like many typical romantic stories, they drifted apart and eventually lost contact. Then, one day, a friend of the guy saw the girl at a shopping mall, which eventually led to the phone call to the radio station, because he"wants to pick up where things left off" but was shy to do it personally? hurm... and then came the drama... it seems that the girl thought since they had drifted apart and all, that there was nothing there. AND, SHE MOVED ON! what did she do? got married! and so the guy was left devastated, heartbroken and hung up the phone, probably landing tears on his pillow or something. I really felt bad for the guy. Wasted years OF EMOTIONAL TORTURE!...and pondering on what should have been,,,...WELL, what can i say, its life~

As for me, maybe it's time for me to MOVE ON TOO.move on from what, you may ask? Well, that's only for me to know and for you to find out..till, next time =)

Hopeless Romantica

Ah, it's my first blog and all.. i mean first post in my blog.. well, you get the picture. and of course, i'm having one of those moments, moments u call,a "writer's block". Oh well, here goes. Please mind the grammatical errors alrighty? =)  Thanks to my dear cousin who blogs everyday, it kinda instilled this hidden passion of mine.. haha..well, i've heard this phrase like countless of times, "hopeless romantic". At first glance, i assumed it meant someone that is sooo hopeless with romance and stuff, but when i looked up the definition, it was actually the complete opposite. Let's ponder the so-called definition, shall we?

A hopeless romantic is:

  • someone that is in love with love. 
  • believe fairy tales( the happily ever after part!) and true love a.k.a finding "the one" (and only)
  • dream of roses and candlelight, walking on the beach and dancing in the rain.
  • crave for the eternal bliss when united with one's "significant other"
  • ache to be loved ( hurm..)
  • needs someone to lavish their affection a.k.a shower their love~
  • someone to send love letters and romantic poems and send flowers 
  • loves romantic movies and love songs
SO, ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER? no, no.. my question is actually, are you one of of the qualified finalists in the being the "Next Top HOPELESS ROMANTIC"?

Well, truthfully, i think people dream of find their one true love, first and last love, so you get to skip the heartbreak part. It's normal to wish to be wisked away by prince charming who showers his never-ending love and live happily ever ever after. But hey, this is reality, isn't it? 

I know this stuff my seem corny or cheesy or whatever you may call it, but I think that the species of hopeless romantics are becoming well extinct...well, maybe... come on people, you gotta spread the love~ 

My point is...i am such a HOPELESS ROMANTIC! Maybe it's all the cheesy and romantic novels i read, which by the way. Prince charming, wherever you are, as soon as we cross paths, be my one and only, would you? haha...take me on a romantic trip around the world and write me beautiful poems that would make my heart melt like a pool of butter. A fantasy? As of now, i think so...  but who knows, rite? =) So, for you people out there, you can call me a hopeless romantic, because i am one, it's not a crime to become a lifetime member of the romantic "jiwang" club and i'm proud of it. =)