Tuesday, July 7, 2009

a final goodbye to MJ

"Michael Jackson is dead".
I received that text on the morning of 26th of June (25th June in the US) from my mom. I couldn't believe it. Like everyone else in the world. A shock. He was supposed to have his final concerts soon. I quickly logged on to the internet to find out the truth behind this one sentence.

Michael Jackson, I did a presentation on you for my music appreciation class. There's only one King of Pop and that's YOU. As many have already said, no one can hurt you any more. Stop the pathetic allegations and lies. Kinda emotional, I know. How much crap can a guy take, right?

A memorial service, singing his songs. As if, they were celebrating the passing of an icon. But they claim, they were celebrating his life.

We celebrate your songs and through those songs, will you live forever. Let's heal the world and make it a better place.

You are not alone
For I am here with you
Though we're far apart
You're always in my heart.

May you rest in peace.