Friday, September 19, 2008 to d U.S of A

Well, it's been nearly two months, and yes this is my first post in like forever... they say time flies when your having fun.. , fun? haha.. I have a bio exam, ESL paper to write and webassign to finish but i feel like here goes~

anyway.. lets update on the most recent things since they're still at the top of my head..
yesterday's "Mama Mia" screening at the Hub.. i liked it.. it's nice.. typical romantic comedy and you always know what's going to happen.. but plus the hit singles from ABBA like Dancing Queen, Winner takes it all and Mama Mia, it was so enjoyable to watch.. really had fun..a MUST-WATCH! Meryl Streep is perfect for the role.Can't wait for hairspray!! yeah!

The weather has been nice these past few days, i really hope it stays that way.. I want to show you the pulchritude of autumn leaves twirling to the ground, red, orange, and brown.. romantic~

Nice, lovely, scenery, but.. it's cold!!! gonna get colder! Hari raya was cold! In the sense that you talk with the "smoke" coming out of the mouths.. but now the weather is nice, hope it stays that way.. =)

Bittersweet Mint ICE CREAM!! the cone portion is like a challenge because it melts so easily, so this is 2 dollars something, 2.75 i think, the same price as Baskin Robbins in Malaysia.. The extravagant minty flavor and the creamy ice cream... my current love~ well, before it got really cold to eat ice cream anyway.. =)

And then, there's the discovery of Caramel Latte! It's kinda on the sweet side though. No wonder these folks like coffee a lot! I thought mountain dew was becoming addictive, but coffee.. i like ....

Well, since my train of thought is currently food...this is my version of garlic bread... not bad, ey?

I gotta go and study bio, promise more interesting posts and pictures to come!!! till then, =)