Friday, October 17, 2008

home.coming. parade

I'm so tired. I'm sore all over. But it was worth it. It simply was. I picked the homecoming parade over the trip to the Hari Raya Celebration in Washington DC. But I think I made the right choice. Today is the big day, the game against Michigan, an old time Penn State rival. So, yesterday was the annual Homecoming Parade and I became a walker for the International Student Council(ISC). Well, walking down mainstreet a.k.a College Avenue in a blue baju kurung with a batik design ( symbolizes the traditional wear) in very very cold weather was certainly overwhelming.The best part was getting to hold the flag of your country, which I had to practically quarrel for since there were two people representing Malaysia. Oh, well. I didn't want to hand over the flag probably because it was all too exciting. Too bad. I finally did surrender the flag after all but that was near the end of the parade at the time. He was pretty mad. My bad.

Anyway, yesterday, despite the 6 degrees weather and I was wearing like practically 3 layers of clothes, everything turned out okay. I forgot all the troubles of the week and was an "International Student". When we walked from the IM building to the Lion Shrine, the streets were lined with rows of people, and little kids with bags to collect candy. There was this one guy, near South Halls, i think, he shouted something like, " Malaysia, raise your flag".It was nice to be recognized and the crowd cheered on. As for the International Student community, everyone was cheering us on. I just cannot put these feelings into precise words. Lisa couldn't make it though, maybe next time!

"Mom, are these people actually from their country, holding those flags?"

"And that's Malaysia", says a dad to his son, and the whole family gets candy from me! =)

" Do you guys want candy?"
"Yes please"

The rule of the game is you can't throw the candy, you have to hand it over, properly. So, yeah, some lucky kids get a handful, an early Halloween present. I spent 3.50 on a bag of candy myself. Well worth it.

It's very overwhelming when people know about your country. Holding your flag, walking in a parade with a bagpack coz i dint know where to chuck it, a parade which practically the whole town comes out to see, booking their places even the night before to get good seats for the parade despite the freezing weather, people cheering you on, shouting, going crazy!! I was going crazy as well!! Sure fun!!! Met some people from other countries as well. But that feeling of "representing" my country, that was a very proud and sensational feeling.

I thought of going tailgating today. But I'm too tired. I'm not even done with ESL! Anyway, thank you ISC for letting me a part of the parade! <3

Owh and Guitar HERO: World Tour @ the HUB was the best!!!! The guy i said could play "medium" even though the other two guys in my "band" were experts. Haha... wanna play again!
and when someone says we are... you say PENN STATE! GO BLUE AND WHITE!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The harder you try, the harder u fall.

As I wait for the sixth episode of Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill to stream, might as well dwell on the latest incidents of my life. Well, just finished a wonderful biology exam. It was " wonderful". This time the exam was really wordy, i mean,i know Biology has it's own language, which hard to decipher but all these words in choices on exams can be really confusing!!! And that's really frustration. The way it's worded can make the answer be misunderstood by people like me who do not fully comprehend this language of Biology. And people ask me my major, biochemistry. And this is the elementary course. Let's just leave it at that. Frustrated.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Well, Penn State won AGAIN! It's been one heck of a winning streak,this time it's Wisconsin! 48-7! As Meryl Streep says in Mama Mia, The winner takes it all. Indeed! That is one big gap, don't you think? With 7 wins in a row! I'm so proud! =) WE ARE.. PENN STATE. Well, it's homecoming this week end , I don't know why it's called homecoming but I'll figure that out after my biology exam. Anyway, I was in physics class today and it was freezing cold, and I got the flu because of this coldness which is the most perfect timing ever, BUT I saw this t-shirt with a quote from Joe Paterno, the 81-year-old Penn State coach who has been coaching Penn State for the last 40 years or so. The quote was kinda inspiring. It read," Deep down inside , you are destined to do great things". And that was very uplifting and motivational in a way. Anyway, Michigan, Penn State's all time rival is up on the Big Ten Conference list to face Penn State this weekend. Can Penn State continue its winning streak? I surely hope so. We are PENN STATE!! =)

P/S: Thanks Joe Pa for the inspiring quote. good luck to me and everyone else with biology exams this week!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

urgh, physics!!!

I'm really starting to have a strong disliking for physics. I've tried to understand but all these concepts and units? And my points on webassign, they are not increasing every time I put in the wrong answer! I sorta get the concept but it takes me too many tries to get the answer right that it makes everything all so depressing!!!woo, this is so frustrating! Then, there's the biology exam, a freakin 7 chapters to read! It is sooooooooooooo going to be a LONG and depressing week! better finish this webassign thingy,that I've been doing for the last 5 hours!!! I so wanna scream!!! Sucks so bad... *sigh* It's sunday, wonderful weather, and I'm studying at the library.. haihs~ Studying is such a challenge..even if your paid for it.. am done with the depressing speech, back to reality... layter~