Thursday, June 19, 2008

stare fear in the eyes!

well, we finally got quizzes back, the chemistry quiz that I took after one LONG day at SUNWAY LAGOON. and i shall not elaborate on that. Haha.. to the more important aspects of life...i forgot to write about this earlier but since DAYAH wants me to add a lil bit bout that lovely day, i shall... so, it was just the three of us, fatin, dayah and I coz everyone else was studying! NEVERTHELESS, i managed to conquer my fear of the 360 degree rotation of the rides there.. the TOMAHAUK, or however you spell it, that was really scary! talk bout a major adrenaline rush and a "straight to the ground view from above" and all you have is some belts to strap you to the seat! and it stops at the very top, NICE! this ride is surely not for the faint hearted. the thing is i went twice on this ride, twice on 360 degree pirate ship and 7 times on the roller coaster and was utterly exhausted at the end of the day! 4 times with my friends, and 3 times alone ( i was testing the rules of physics, the conclusion = the back seat is always the best, and you so have to raise your arms! ) owh yeah, there were these guys, 5, but only one was kinda hot =), curly hair, shades~ they were singing ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT on the Pirate ship,but the guys started screaming like gals when it started to rotate 360 degrees, with the look of fear struck upon their faces~ fatin and i were laughing all the way, while they were screaming their lungs out~ then the guys, went on the roller coaster and dayah wanted to go on the roller coaster one more time, and so, i accompanied her and the guys were there AGAIN! they sat in the cart behind us but when it came to picture time, they were like waving their hands in the air, so we can't see their faces! oh well, saved myself 12 bux! hahaha....well, thats all from my possibly the fifth time going to sunway? aaaa... DAYAH, next stop DISNEY WORLD!!!!!! =)

Saturday, June 14, 2008


well, today was my first time skating, and since my few weeks ahead are going to be so packed, packed of what, you ask? EXAMS!! so yeah gotta cramp my brain with bottomless knowledge of ORGANIC CHEMISTRY and ISLAMIC TRANSACTION PRINCIPLES! OH WELL, summer has almost come and gone.. theres only say, 13 days left of summer? wow, time sure flies fast~ and on the 27th theres gonna be this dinner, a final goodbye for the actpians which is also the 2nd anniversary here at INTEC! what i mean is the first day at INTEC was on the 27/6/2006 and the last day here will be 27/6/2008.. its gonna be so SAD!! =( since we will finally be going our seperate ways and all... wowo....ok2... back to the main story. so yeah, first time skating... and there were loads of people... i mean its a SATURDAY! plus its more expensive on the weekened... but sure,,, pay for EXPERIENCE... so i dont really mind, at least now it can be added to the LIST OF THINGS TO DO IN LIFE LIST, even though its only done once.. hahaha.. but still...well, at the first two hours, i spent holding on oh so tightly to the sides of the ring coz i coudnt get my balance and all, but after a while, i could eventually go to the middle which resulted in three nasty friend is like a pro, so she kinda left me behind to skate or whatever it is that i was doing.... and i was like stranded!!! and yeah when i fell, i took my friend down with me.. and eventually literaaly kneeled on the ice so my pants were wet on the front and the back... nice huh!!!! but yeah everyone was so busy with trying not to fall that they dint stop to help us up! wheres that skater guy that helps people up when u need him!!! and yeah... and then there's the look of embarassment spread across faces of people that fall and the look of amusement of people that are watching from up above, literally of course...ICE SKATING LOOKS EASY BUT ITS NOT... sure everytime i go to SUNWAY, its fun to watch people go round and round in circles in the rink, but to try it yourself, its definitely not as easy as it looks, trust me! and the skates are so tight, that when you skate, it actually hurts but maybe thats why they call it RENTALS...anyway, after around 2-3 hours of skating, we went to eat at WENDY'S. i tried the chilli and cheese potato and it wasn't as tasty as i had expected but okay i guess...i had the fish burger, but i think the cheeseburger the other day was so much better... i think its cheaper that mcdonalds because the large portion is really LARGE... and lastly i treated myself with some good ol PURE CHOCOLATE FROM COFFEE BEAN! YUMMY! before heading off into the sunset and submerging myself into slumberland.. okay peeps.. thats all for today! thankx guys for a wonderful first experince skating! ive been wanting to skate since the first semester, and yeah that wish has finally been granted! next time: conquer all (or most) of the roller coasters in the US and travel across EUROPE!!!! =)