Thursday, May 28, 2009


I wrote this a few days back when I first found out what had happened. But only decided to publish it today.

I read my friend's words on ym. Shocking news at 1.30 am in the morning.I didn't want to believe it. But, it was there. Written in plain black and white.
I was just too speechless.

How can a trip end up in such tragedy?
I barely knew him but I, too can feel the pain.
I can't imagine what his family and friends are going through.
May Allah give them strength. Be strong, my friends.
Reading the messages people are posting on his wall.. makes me even more emotional.
He was even coming back to Malaysia in a few days, even... rase terkilan sangat.

Allah indeed loves you more. Al-fatihah to our friend, Nublan Zaki Norhadi.
May you rest peace. Amin.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


i don't get what heh means.. i know its like huhu.. but it annoys me in a way.. hahaha..
dil, this one goes out to u!

footie~ 2-0

I don't think I'll ever fully understand the fascination that keeps fans on the edge of their seats during a Live football game. But if you ask me what football team I'm rooting for, I'd haf to say the Red Devils, Manchester United. Probably just because my brother is a fan of MU and I used to live nearby. However, like hello, I was the only one up watching the game! Haha (coz I couldn't sleep, of course). I’m not a football fanatic or anythin of that sort but I do watch a football game every once in a while. To sum up football in one sentence, through my eyes; football is a bunch of cute guys running around a field, chasing after a ball, scoring goals and getting injured every once in a while. But what do these players have in common; teamwork, dedication and the passion for the game.
I wonder why they don't stop the clock when someone is injured. And why do they even change players, even if its two minutes into overtime with the clock still ticking away? i dun get it, lads..

As confetti rains on the newly crowned champions of the UEFA champions league at 4.55 am in the morning, it was indeed a disappointing match for MU. And since I couldn’t sleep, I watched the game after half time.When Messi scored the second goal for Barcelona when there was only like 20 mins left, it was obvious that Barcelona owned the game. Man U weren't really up to their game this time. The fact that it was an away game didn't help them out much either. Maybe fate was just not on their side.

Ah well, cheer up lads… =D

It’s time to save up money to watch an MU game at good Old Trafford one day. Just for the sake of it all.=)

Friday, May 22, 2009

finales and TV =)

Okay, people, it is now 5.39 am and I am not sleepy despite the subtle headache. I was watching High School Musical 3 (yup, I was that bored) but then I forgot to express my inner thoughts on what’s up and about on tv and stuff. Personally, I thought that Adam Lambert was supposed to be crowned the next American Idol but America thought not. Therefore, mr Kris Allen who didn't quite nail the final performance won, and I was like what??? Anyways, my dear friend who has been rooting for this Kris guy all along was kind enough to splatter my facebook page with support for his guy Kris. Thanks a lot, E! I think he probably won just because he's cute. Well, Adam ain't that bad either. And Kris was going like, "Adam deserves it". Good thing you know that, buddy! I dint really follow American Idol, so who am I to judge, rite? I just watched the auditions and skipped to the finale! Haha.. I just take Simon Cowell's words for it since his presence is what makes the show so “interesting”.

Anyways, that was the finale of American Idol. Next up, Britain's Got Talent, a show with British accents, tea and scones! Susan Boyle is so going to steal the spotlight! She makes people want to believe in themselves more, and to never judge a book by its cover. You can see the rude smirks of the crowd in the video posted on Youtube with 58 MILLION VOTES over a period of only a month. That's ridiculous! I sincerely wish Miss Boyle all the best!

Warning: Below are some spoilers, well slight spoilers:
As for other finales… Gossip Girl.. ah.. at last the uptight and "cowardly" Chuck Bass finally declares his love for Blaire Waldorf in the ending scene which was OH-EM-GEE-totally adorable!!! He was a coward no more…Ah, chuck! Charming Chuck. No wonder the girls all love you. Including this one here. =)

Blair walks down the street and finds Chuck waiting for her with a bouquet and a gift. "Why aren't you in Europe?" He says he was in Paris... and Germany... to get her favorite macaroons and stockings. He came back to tell her that she was right.

"I was a coward running away again. But everywhere I went, you caught up with me. So I had to come back."

"I want to believe you, but I can't. You've hurt me too many times."

"Then believe me this time."
She says, "That's it?"

"I love you, too."
They kiss.

"Can you say it twice?" They laugh. "No, I'm serious, say it twice.

He says it over and over. "I love you, I love you, I love you..."

Taken from:

As for One Tree Hill, Peyton Scott( married to Lucas Scott) doesn't die after all the drama after the last episode( when they were married). She delivers a beautiful baby girl, named Sawyer Brooke (after her best friend) Scott. As for Brooke Davies, she finally realizes that clothes over bros could wait and she could finally say "I love you too" to the guy who stole her heart, Julian. Awww.. cliche, I know. Kinda like gossip girl, in a way, but without all the never-ending D-R-A-M-A! Owh, and my guy, Nathan Scott… well technically Haley's guy, but a girl can dream, can't she? Haha , anyways, Nathan finally got called up to play for the NBA, for the Charlotte Bobcats, I think. And I think since everyone is in a happy place, this maybe the final finale a.k.a the end of One Tree Hill! =(
Nathan Scott, I will always love you! =)

Well, that's the only two shows that I have followed for a really long time. I need new shows to go crazy over, like A.S.A.P. Any ideas people?

Or maybe I should just finish up trying to play “Better in Time”.

Or maybe I should get a job. Period.

u know u love me,

till next time =)

update on life

Well, it's so funny when I look at my blog, thinking to myself about how time has passed me by these last few months. A lot has happened. A lot. Last updated, 4 months ago, hahaha.. what blog is updated in 4 months? Mine! Yeah, i was that LAZY! Okay, lazy is overrated. Firstly, you gotta be in the mood to write and secondly BUSY is a more appropriate word, I suppose. Well,seems like I have all the time in the world now, I think it is finally time for me to write "significant" stuff on the things in life.Now, I'm writing my heart out at 3.02 am in the morning at home sweet home a.k.a Jitra. I can't sleep. Well, the reason for that is totally obvious jet lag or sleeping at the wrong times? I sleep, sleep and sleep some more?

While I craft these words while listening to the "music" by Justin Timberlake and T.I " dead and gone", THIS JUST IN: an update on the current stats on life. 2 days ago was scrumptious nasi lemak, yesterday with roti canai with Mum's fish curry, with FRESH fish! yeah, no more frozen tilapia.. at least for now.. =) I can't wait for mum's gulai ketam.. no more imitation crab meat.. haha.. u know the type sold in sticks used in yong tau fu.. ah.. the yong tau fu at the pasar malam, I so miss you! Then, there's freshly baked bread coz mum has a bread maker now, and otak2.. my favourite! owh and of course, laksa.. ymuu...more of food later...=)

The 19 hours journey was okay, I guess. A lot of sleeping. Watched "bride wars" which was boring and "yes, man" which was equally not so entertaining. Constantly awoken by the stewardess for " moslem meals". We get to eat before everyone else which was okay. The menu, bread, briyani with some chicken curry, some chicken fried in some type of batter, not bad, I must say. We landed at around 1800 hours and got screened for temperature at the aiport but that was about it, suprisingly.

I took a flight to Penang International Airport, which got delayed. My bag was overweight, because the limit was 20 kg, but I made the pity face "i'm-tired-and-i-don't-care" look and she closed one eye, I guess. As for the delayed flight due to technical problems, I asked the people at the counter if I could go and grab dinner. They said to just leave my boarding pass. So, I went all the way to the other side to burger king to have my first authentic beef burger in a very long time. And while I was enjoying my delicious burger, they called for people to board the flight. I'm like wut the? So, I grabbed my stuff and was practically the last one to board the plane.phewww.. !

I was going to surprise my mom, act out the scene in " Love Actually" where everyone is reunited at the end, which didn't turn out as a surprise after all since my mom found out that I was coming home like 1 day before I departed from JFK which pretty much sucks coz I kept this secret for like the past 5 months? 1 day difference! Yeah,so because of the swine flu thingy, my dad had to tell my mom about me coming home. Oh well, it was worth a try. But my sister was overwhelmed that when I reached home that she even cried. I'm like.. woah....tears of joy.. haha...

But as of now, I'm quarantining myself from the world. Just to be safe. =) I love the feeling of being able to wake up and see mom and dad. You just get that safe feeling, ya know? For my friends in the US, have a wonderful summer and take care guys! miss ya! and yes, I have finally updated my blog~ =)