Friday, November 6, 2009

stranger or friend?

Someone once told me that sometimes, it's easier to tell your problems to a stranger. Maybe coz u have like no strings attached so you can simply pour your mindless heart out. And I see some truth to this actually, based on my own experiences. I mean, I may not be a pro about all this heart and soul issues and etc. but hey I'm not sucha bad listener. Haha. I like to listen to people's problems and stuff and supposedly give the advice they need to hear, as a friend. Or if the person is a complete stranger, just a shoulder to cry on.But sometimes the advice giver can't even find the perfect advice to give herself. And she turns to other strangers for advice. Sometimes, we are in a state of denial, wanting to believe what we want to believe and not believing what's real. And sometimes, we just want people to listen to our problems or at least try make us feel better by hoping that we did the right thing. But would they give us the definite answer? I doubt it. It's like asking your professor to answer a freakin hard problem and he only leads you in the direction but doesn't give you the answer. And the truth is, we should turn to Allah for guidance because Allah will lead us in the right direction, insya ALLAH. And we should turn to Him first for support when we need it the most.Not a stranger.

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Anonymous said...

yes...i think i should ask for His guidance and strength are so right... HE will listen and He will help