Thursday, December 9, 2010

What a long day!

November 28 2009 was the last post.

today its the 9th of December. it's been a year.
and a lot has happened.
i wonder why i stopped blogging. nothing to write about? just got lazy? or no one to read it?
maybe its time i jotted sum stuff. for fun. just coz i feel like it. its fun to sometimes do stuff when u just feel like it. like watch 3 korean movies on the weekend just before an exam on Monday or having a bag of m n m's without feeling guilty about it. oh well..

i'll tell u a bit about the unfortunate day of yesterday. i wanted to print out some pictures for my poster presentation for my 421w class today so i went to CVS to print out the pics on glossy paper. i put the pics in my hardrive coz i couldnt find my stinky pendrive. and guess what? it can't read my hard drive. so i would have to come again. i met my friend on the way to IP, and she gave me her pendrive. i was like aaaaaaaaaaaa, thank goodness! so i now i needed a computer to transfer the pictures! aha! let's go to the public library! and so i went. but u needed a password or a library number to log on. So I went to the counter and said " I just needed to transfer something real quick" and the librarian was like, "Are you a visitor? " , i was like errr?? " Do you have a library card?" she asked some more. " errr, no". ok then, i'll log you on after i help this lady. woah. so she logged me on. and guess what? i dunno what windows they were using but it couldn't read my hardisk. so i said thank you and went to find a computer lab. the nearest building was the engineering building and might i say, being the first time i stepped foot in that building, it was creeepy!
and i couldn't find a stinky computer lab.
so i had to walk uphill in the freezing cold to the Willard building.
and transferred the pics. good. now, got to get them printed.
i decided to go the CVS downtown instead.
and indeed, there were like 3 people ahead of me waiting to print pictures and i was trying to catch the bus!!!i was like , you have got to be kidding me!
so i walked back to the original CVS near the CATA bus stop and finally printed the pics there and at that time i was wayyyyyyyy to late to go to my BMB 400 class. hence, my first time not going to that class this semester. quite an accomplishment,might i say? oh wait, my second time. oh well.

and i took my math 004 exam, and being all too confident, i got the first question wrong. note to self: sometimes being overconfident is an overkill. and i checked like 5 times! takpelah x de rezeki. insyaALLAH, dpt A! :P

next post on what happened today just because i feel like sharing it :)

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Anonymous said...

Ahahaahha..watching 3 movies before exam..sounds familiar..mcm kat intec dulu..i miss dat..btw babe pesal u nih mcm kena jinx je...