Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fight for this love, no?

I can't say your name and you're the only person that knows why.

You like to ask about kawen and stuff and most of the time im actually asking myself, why are u telling me this.

Seems like that I brought that card of urs to class everyday (coz i placed it in my file).

But thanks for sending me the cards though.

Random msgs when ur bored? its definitely not cool.

Whenever, you don't know what to reply, you escape with an lol.

And yeah, we don't have that much in common anyways. What do we usually talk about?

u dont even reply my emails. ego?
yeah, guys.

so, i stopped sending them. well maybe i sent like 2 or 3.

Yeah. I care. Well, used to. I stopped.
maybe still, a lil bit.

and yeah, you apologized. but sometimes, people just go too far.

I don't get it. I just don't.

It's probably just not worth it anymore. I have realized that. I should.

Ok, time to start writing my fantasy love novel now.

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Anonymous said...

Mizaaaaa! I miss youuu!